WIP Wednesday: Crochet Clutch

I’ve made a start on my crochet clutch! I’ve not got very far yet but part of that is because I keep stopping to admire the fabric. I am so loving the yellow one!

So far, this project is proving to be full of things I’ve never done before, which is loads of fun. So far I’ve used a bias tape maker to make single fold bias binding, learnt how to shorten a zipper and broken out my zipper foot, for the first time, to turn said zipper into the closure for a pocket. I even gave my buttonhole foot a whirl, although that was because I was curious about what the results would be rather than because I need any for the crochet clutch!

WIP: Baby Quilt 6

I’ve finally got back on the quilting wagon, with Baby Quilt 6 or “what, I need to rethink this entire thing again” as I’ve affectionately called it…!

It was originally going to look like this, but with modern fabric so kind of traditional and modern. But after seeing some pics of the wee one in his new home, I realised that his parents are far more modern that I thought so my traditional idea just wasn’t going to cut it.

So after redesigns one, two and three, where I was trying to fit the fabric I’d already bought into a completely different layout, I ended up deciding on doing something inspired by this.

Redesign four happened when I started cutting fabric and realised that I didn’t have enough of the solid so had to add another one (I kind of re-purposed a pillowcase!). And there was nearly redesign five when I thought I didn’t have enough of one of the patterned fabrics, but it turned out I did, just!

All in all, I’d been waking up for weeks thinking about this quilt, debating fabric, layouts etc and by last weekend I’d absolutely had enough. There really is only so long that you can procrastinate before it does your head in, so I spent last weekend in a frenzy of activity putting the thing together! I’ve still got a bit of the binding to sew down, but other than that it’s all good and best of all, there are no more decisions to be made 🙂

WIP Wednesday – Not a table runner!

So my Mum’s table runner Christmas present has bit the dust without ever getting started. By the time I felt that my neck and shoulder were ok enough to start work on it, I just didn’t have enough time to make it without spending about 2 days glued to my sewing machine. And that would more than likely put me right back to where I was before I took a break, so that was the end of that.

I was kinda disappointed because I really wanted to give Mum something home made, but then I spotted this cute Christmas embroidery by Gail Pan Designs. Not nearly as much work but still home made – perfect! Shouldn’t take long to finish it off and get the binding on…

There are some other gorgeous Christmas patterns on Gail’s website – definitely worth bookmarking for next year!

WIP Wednesday: Nearly halfway

More progress on my colour wheel – 7 of 16 segments completed:

WIP Wednesday: Cars and Ponies quilt test block

Here’s my test block for the Cars and Ponies baby quilt. I think it’s turned out pretty well and although I’m still not 100% convinced about some of the fabric, I’m a lot more confident that the quilt will be ok. The car fabric is pretty decent and the red fabric is good quality so I think the layout of a centre square of cars plus a stripe of the red helps anchor the other stripes. At least that’s what I’m hoping 🙂

On a more pressing matter, I was reading Naptime Quilter’s latest quilt-a-long post which has a very helpful section on pressing (see what I did there – pressing matter, pressing fabric?! Oh ok, I’ll not give up the day job…). I’ve always pressed seams on the wrong side of the fabric and used two hands, but Cheryl suggests pressing from the right side and not using your second hand so as not to be tempted to pull at the fabric. I tried this out tonight and it seemed to work better than how I used to do it so I’ll be sticking with her method from now on. Thanks for the tip Cheryl!

Joy in the New Year challenge

Joy in the New Year Challenge

I’m sure you’ve come across the Joy in the New Year challenge that Jacquie has started which is a challenge to finish up as many WIP’s as possible before the start of 2010. Now I’ve got a few projects on the go or about-to-be-on-the-go at the moment, but most have hard deadlines like Christmas or baby due dates so I’m not worried about getting them finished. However there are a couple of projects that I really want to do, but without hard deadlines, I think they may loose out in my time rationing.

So I’ve decided to put these non-deadline projects down for Jacquie’s challenge:

  1. Wild flower hexagon pincushion, which has been sitting in my Current Projects list for _ages_
  2. Colour wheel embroidery

I really want to get both of these done and now I have a hard deadline for them there’s no way they’ll get lost and forgotten about. Sorted!

Oh and on the Ponies and Cars front, I’m giving the suggestions from Elle and Cheryl a go and have washed the fabric and will make a test block at the weekend to see how the fabric holds up. Fingers crossed…

WIP Wednesday – Baby shower gifts

Here’s what I’m working on at the moment. It’s the first of 2 cot decorations I’m making for a baby shower on Sunday.

WIP Wed - baby shower cot decoration

Roses for Rosa design – take 2

Ok, here’s my second attempt at a design for my Roses for Rosa quilt (version 1 is here). It’s still a 4 by 5 layout, but I’m using 5 fabrics for the whirligigs, instead of 4. The panels have been narrowed down as I’m thinking of doing them in purple flannel and the wider version seemed too overpowering. The flannel has little pink, yellow, blue and green hearts on it, which works nicely with the 5 whirligig fabrics.

Roses for Rosa design - v2

Roses for Rosa fabric

Well I think a slight rename may be in order. I’ve bought the fabric for my Roses for Rosa quilt and there’s not a flower in sight, let alone a rose! This seems to happen whenever I go fabric shopping. I know what I want and then come out with something different. In this case, there wasn’t any nice flowery fabric and I spotted this FQ bundle and loved the colours and the fairy princess theme:

FQ bundle

These fabrics are for the coloured parts of the whirligig. In order to make them stand out, I decided to use a single plain fabric for the background part of all the whirligigs. I chose ivory because it’s a colour that works with all the colours in the FQ bundle and also because there was a piece about the right size on special offer! Here’s all the fabric together. The one at the back is for the backing.

Fabric for Roses for Rosa quilt

I didn’t pick any fabric for the panels. I was going to quilt some flowers on them but given that there are no flowers in the fabric, I think it might look a bit odd to do that. I could do a different motif, but I’m going to put the whirligigs together and then see what I think.

Now the difficult part. The quilt is made up of 20 whirligig blocks in a 4 by 5 layout (see here for the design). That means I need to pick 4 fabrics from the 6 in the FQ bundle, and I don’t know which ones. There are:

  • 2 spotty fabrics (1 bright pink, 1 mint green)
  • 2 fabrics with fairy princesses and castles (1 pale pink, 1 pale blue)
  • 2 fabrics with crowns and magic wands (1 pale pink, 1 pale yellow)

I also have (in my tiny stash) a pale yellow spotty fabric which would work with the other fabrics.

So here are the combos:

Roses for Rosa fabric combos

Now I like symmetry, so 2 spotty + 2 patterned seemed good (bottom middle). But the bright pink really sticks out against the pale tones of the other fabrics so I don’t think it’s an option. The next idea was 2 fairy princesses + 2 crowns (top left). But then 2 out of 4 fabrics would be pale pink so there would be lots of pink whirligigs next to each other which I’m not keen on. I could always do 2 patterned + 2 spotty, using my pale yellow fabric instead of the bright pink one?

I think my favourites are bottom left and bottom right. Although there are 2 lots of crown fabric in the bottom left, I think it’s ok because the pattern isn’t quite as bold as the fairy princesses pattern. I dunno – what to do…?!

Roses for Rosa design

Here’s my design for my Roses for Rosa quilt.

Roses for Rosa design

I’ve got my eye on fabric in these colours and the idea to add in two panels came to me whilst I was sitting in the car this morning. I wanted to quilt this with flowers like this but I haven’t done any free-motion quilting before and I’m worried about messing the quilt up. So I decided to straight-line quilt most of it and then do the flowers on the two panels. I think I’ll probably be able to manage that with a bit of practice.

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