WIP Wednesday – Not a table runner!

So my Mum’s table runner Christmas present has bit the dust without ever getting started. By the time I felt that my neck and shoulder were ok enough to start work on it, I just didn’t have enough time to make it without spending about 2 days glued to my sewing machine. And that would more than likely put me right back to where I was before I took a break, so that was the end of that.

I was kinda disappointed because I really wanted to give Mum something home made, but then I spotted this cute Christmas embroidery by Gail Pan Designs. Not nearly as much work but still home made – perfect! Shouldn’t take long to finish it off and get the binding on…

There are some other gorgeous Christmas patterns on Gail’s website – definitely worth bookmarking for next year!


Christmas table runner

I spotted this table runner by Quilting Barbie ages ago and when Quilting Barbie mentioned she might do a tree one for Christmas it set something off in the back of my mind and I’ve now decided to do one with trees and sawtooth stars for my mum’s Christmas pressie.

I still haven’t finished the Cars and Ponies quilt, so that plus this table runner plus the wild flower pincushion (still not started!) plus the frenchy handbag should keep me busy for a while 🙂

I’ve been having a bit of a binding dilemma (just for a change – I always seem to be worrying about the binding!) for the Cars and Ponies quilt. I bought what I thought would be great fabric but I wasn’t 100% convinced so ended up procrastinating whilst I umm’d and ah’d over whether to use what I’d bought or get something else. In the end I found something else at the weekend which works so well and I’m now feeling inspired to get the quilting done and the binding on!

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