Holiday subway art

I think I’m kinda late in jumping on the subway art bandwagon, but I’ve been seeing it around blogland and thought it would be a fab way to capture all the fun bits of my recent holiday. I put in places, dates, ferries, in jokes. All the bits I was in danger of forgetting and really, really don’t want to…

I used this tutorial which was really easy to follow although putting it all together took ages because of all the positioning and sizing that was required but it’s totally worth it. I love it and am trying to work out a way to print and frame it.

The hardest bit was finding the right fonts. All the subway art out there has fantastic fonts but nobody really mentions which ones they used and there are thousands of free ones out there so it’s hard to narrow down.

I used:

  • You’ve been lucky with the weather – Andalus
  • butter mintoes – Segoe Script
  • 20 minutes up – Impact
  • single track road – Calibri
  • Lonely Hot Pie – Edwardian Script ITC
  • Scotland – Aharoni
  • Clachaig Inn – Andes (love this font – I used it on my wedding invites!)

Most of the above came with Windows but any that aren’t there can probably be found at which has bazillions of free fonts.

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