Monthly Make: January 2012

In December, my Mum and I went to a felt flower brooch making class. We had loads of fun and I came away with two brooches and the materials for a third. Unfortunately the brooch bits ended up languishing in my craft bag and every time I went for my crochet, I’d see them and feel guilty for not finishing it off.

The other night I was thinking about what to do for my Monthly Make. I went for my crochet and saw the brooch bits – and bingo – that became my monthly make.


It really only took about half an hour to put it all together, so it doesn’t really feel like a “make”, but I’m just happy not to have the bits staring at me when I open my craft bag!

Note to self for next time – don’t sew in one spot when putting the layers together otherwise they can rotate. Sew in a circle (which is small enough to be covered by the button).


A little bit of making

Life’s been kinda quiet here. There’s been house tidying to do. Lots and lots of house tidying and then a trip round Scotland which was so totally and utterly awesome, that it needs a blog post of its very own!

Before I went off galivanting around the highlands, I finally got around to making some cushions for the sofa. I’d had the material sitting around ready to go for weeks and just needed a push to finally get on and make them.

So the day we left on holiday seemed like the right time! I left hubby tidying the house and I went to Sarah’s to make cushions. I’m not sure how I wangled that one but I wasn’t complaining! Here’s the first one (it’s the patterned one at the front) and the other’s the same.

And here’s the bit I’m uber proud of – the concealed zipper!

I used this tutorial and it was super easy. The first cushion took about an hour and the next was 30 mins and I think future ones would be even quicker. I really don’t know why I was putting it off!

Never again (well not for several months!)

I took part in my first Friday Night Sew In last night. I’ve been wanting to join in for ages but never found the time but when the sign-ups came out this month, I decided I would make time. I’ve been counting down till Friday all week and even had an easy dinner planned so I could jump right in and get sewing!

I ended up making a taggie for friends who’ve just had their second son. I usually make them from one square of minky and one of velour, but as I was running low on velour, I bordered a square of that in some cute baby fabric.

For a change, I managed to get the ribbons all pretty straight. Normally there’s at least one at a completely wonky angle, necessitating unpicking, resewing and swearing (not necessarily in that order…). But to make up for the ribbon non-wonkyness, the velour was out to get me last night!

First off I forgot it’s not cotton so managed to melt it to my iron. Then it kept slip-sliding as I was sewing seams so nothing lined up correctly. The whole process was a great reminder of why I don’t make these things regularly! I leave enough time for the pain to be forgotten, then think “oh, I know, I’ll make a taggie!”, LOL. I’m sure I’ll make another one as they make great pressies. It’s just it won’t happen for another 6 months!


  • 9″ finished
  • 3 ribbons down each side
  • Wide ribbons were cut to 4.5″, thin ones were 5″
  • Finished with 2 rows of top stitching

101 Things: #25 Make a cover for my Kindle

Woohoo, my second 101 Things finish!

I got a Kindle last year and bought a blue case for it. Bad decision. Really bad. I was trying to get away from my pink obsession, but the blue just doesn’t do it for me. It’s just not pretty. So I decided to make a case for the case. It helps keep dust out, but really, I made it because I needed wanted a pink cover!

I left a bit of time between making this and blogging it because it the making part didn’t go so well. My first attempt (ah yes, things are obviously heading downhill when I mention it took more that one go to make), was too small. I still have absolutely no idea how that happened, but it did. Then my sewing machine took a dislike to the second version and refused to top stitch through the layers.

But I got there in the end. And it’s pretty (and pink), so I’m happy. The outer fabric is Cathedral Peony from the Good Folks range by Anna Maria Horner. The inside fabric is something from my Baby Jane collection.

And for future reference should I decide to torture myself make another of these, I cut 16.5″x10″ but would probably go to 9.75″. 9.25″ is too narrow.

Oh, yeah, looking at the second picture reminded me that I originally sewed the snap fastener on upside down *sigh*

WIP Wednesday: Crochet Clutch

I’ve made a start on my crochet clutch! I’ve not got very far yet but part of that is because I keep stopping to admire the fabric. I am so loving the yellow one!

So far, this project is proving to be full of things I’ve never done before, which is loads of fun. So far I’ve used a bias tape maker to make single fold bias binding, learnt how to shorten a zipper and broken out my zipper foot, for the first time, to turn said zipper into the closure for a pocket. I even gave my buttonhole foot a whirl, although that was because I was curious about what the results would be rather than because I need any for the crochet clutch!

Completed: Minky & Ribbon Comforter

So my minky & ribbon comforter is done. It’s so super soft and snugly – how old do you have to be before you stop using one of these?!

I put it together by sandwiching the loops of ribbon between a square of minky and a square of velour. I then stitched round the edge before turning it the right way out and top stitching round the edge again. But everything kept shifting out of position and one of the ribbons ended up at a completely wonky angle so I don’t think this was the best approach.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned crafty club before (where my friends Anna, Sarah and I meet up for a night of chat and crafty goodness), but I made this at crafty club and Anna was making one at the same time. Her approach was to sew all the ribbons onto the velour before sewing the velour and minky together. It seemed to work much better so next time I make one of these, I’m going to try that.

Oh and mental note for the future. I shouldn’t wear fleece when handling minky because it’s a minky fluff magnet and I was covered in the stuff by the end of the evening!

Blogging is bad for my health…

So I took a huge chunk out of my finger. Was I a) rotary cutting, b) using my sewing machine or c) turning on my PC? Bizarrely/stupidly/crazily enough it’s “c” – in my eagerness to blog I caught a sharp edge on my PC case and took a chunk out of my finger. Ouchy!

I would say “blogging is bad for your health” but I doubt the generalisation is fair – I’m probably the only numpty who can hurt themselves turning on their PC! So it’s “blogging is bad for my health”.

Anyway, the reason for the pain is I was rushing to blog my latest project:

I’m really excited about this project, which is a good thing because I think it signals the reappearance of my crafty mojo. I think the analysis paralysis over  The Quilt of Many Redesigns was causing a general lack of crafty enthusiasm, but now the quilt is finished, I’m full of ideas! There’s so many things I want to make, and the minky and ribbon are for project one – a ribbon loop baby comforter.

Anna and I were in the den of tempation local fabric shop recently and we both came away with some super soft white velour. When Anna mentioned that she was going to make a comforter with velour on one side, minky on the other and ribbon loops round the edge, I totally wanted to make one too!

I already have some pale yellow minky and just needed a bit of ribbon. So I went shopping and I now have 20m of ribbon. I think that should just about do it… 😉

2009 Round-up

Well, here’s to 2009 – the year I decided to get crafty!

I’ve learned to quilt, tried embroidery and done some sewing. I’ve started blogging, bought a sewing machine, been to a couple of quilt shows, discovered the joy of fabric shopping, freed up shelf space for my crafty bits and pieces, filled up said shelf space and started overflowing into another cupboard! All in all, it’s been a good year and I’ve had a lot of fun 🙂

On the blogging front, thank you so much to everyone who’s stopped by. I really appreciate the comments, hints and tips, especially when I’m stuck and don’t know what to do next!

So here’s a round-up of what I’ve done this year:


Row 1: Baby Quilt 1, Baby Quilt 2 (very imaginatively titled!)

Row 2: Baby Quilt 3, Roses for Rosa (getting more imaginative here)

Row 3: Rainbow Stacked Coins, Cars and Ponies (not a “Baby Quilt” in sight!)

Sewing and Embroidery:

Row 1: Cathedral Window pincushion, Heart cot decorations

Row 2: Colour wheel embroidery, Merry Christmas embroidery

Tonight I’m going to have a think about what I’d like to aim for, craft-wise, in 2010. There’s so much I want to do, but I think I’m going to have to narrow things down a bit because right now, it’s a VERY long list!

Completed: Heart cot decorations

Just finished these 2 cot decorations for a baby shower on Sunday. They can be tied onto the cot bars (or chairs if you want to take a photo and don’t have a cot).

Completed heart cot decoration 1

Completed heart cot decoration 2

Sorry about the rubbish photos. I’m really struggling to find a way to take decent photos given that there’s not much natural light at this time of year.

The pattern came from Gifts for Baby: 30 Simple Crafting Projects to Welcome the New Arrival which has loads (well 30!) of cool projects in it. Top of my list to try is the pattern for the mini Mary Janes (on the cover of the book). They are just too cute!

WIP Wednesday – Baby shower gifts

Here’s what I’m working on at the moment. It’s the first of 2 cot decorations I’m making for a baby shower on Sunday.

WIP Wed - baby shower cot decoration

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