Monthly Make: January 2012

In December, my Mum and I went to a felt flower brooch making class. We had loads of fun and I came away with two brooches and the materials for a third. Unfortunately the brooch bits ended up languishing in my craft bag and every time I went for my crochet, I’d see them and feel guilty for not finishing it off.

The other night I was thinking about what to do for my Monthly Make. I went for my crochet and saw the brooch bits – and bingo – that became my monthly make.


It really only took about half an hour to put it all together, so it doesn’t really feel like a “make”, but I’m just happy not to have the bits staring at me when I open my craft bag!

Note to self for next time – don’t sew in one spot when putting the layers together otherwise they can rotate. Sew in a circle (which is small enough to be covered by the button).


Here’s to 2012!

So it’s that time of year again. Where does the time go?! I hope everyone had a lovely New Year and has an awesome 2012!

Last night hubby and I went for an early meal out, watched Captain America then saw some of the city’s amazing fireworks’ display from our living room. We can just about see the highest fireworks if we squeeze into one of our window alcoves and peer sideways! It was a lovely start to 2012.

Normally I’m not really a New Year’s kinda gal. I don’t enjoy staying up late or going to pubs or all the other general New Yearsy activities. I’m a bit of a bah humbug about the whole thing. Christmas – yes (very definitely yes). New Year – no.

Another thing I’m not a fan of is resolutions. I’ve tried before and generally/always fail and I don’t enjoy that feeling. So instead of setting myself up for failure, last year I decided to start a 101 Things list (for which I have a majorly overdue post coming). It doesn’t feel like resolutions and I’m under no illusions that I’ll complete everything, but I’ve been ticking things off throughout the year and it’s been fun to do, so it seems to be working for me.

This year I’ve also decided to try A Monthly Make 2012.

It kinda does what it says on the tin – make something each month and post to flickr about it. I was tossing up joining Iron Craft 2012 (possibly because of the awesome button!) which is a themed make every two weeks.


But Anna brought me back down to earth with the reasoning that it’s just not going to happen, especially with work the way it is right now. She’s completely right (thanks for the reality check Anna Smile). It does sound like fun though. Maybe next year…

So that’s the plan for 2012. Continue with my 101 Things and try and do a make a month. That’s totally not a resolution. Absolutely not…

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