101 Things: #26 Make a piece of jewellery

This steampunk bracelet was a kit that I picked up recently in John Lewis, which is somewhere that I really, really shouldn’t be allowed to go unsupervised (especially as I’d only gone there to return things – bad KT).


I had a bit of a problem with the jump rings jumping out of my hands into the black hole that is “under the coffee table”. But other than that, it was really simple to put together.

I did have to battle my symmetrical/non random issues though as there weren’t enough charms to do symmetrical. So this is *gulp* a random layout. Go me for surviving a foray into the big scary world of randomness!

Oh and on another note, it’s holiday time again, yay! OH and I are staying put which means it’s time for another Week Off Work Week. I’m hoping that without the distractions of Skyrim, this one will be more productive than the last one, but watch this space…!


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