Time for a change – part 1

Oh dear – my poor neglected blog! Well, I’m back and it’s time for an update.

So I’ve been a bit off the crafty scene for a while. I’ve been reading blogs and pinteresting but actual craft and blogging has taken a massive back seat to house hunting. Over the last 6 months or so, hubby and I have been gearing up to move. We’d outgrown our flat and the commute to work combined with noise from downstairs and some not so lovely local families had slowly been driving us mad. So it was time to move. Somewhere quieter. Somewhere closer to work. Somewhere with space and a garden.

And finally we found a house and moved in last week!! It’s nearer work, has 3 bedrooms, a garden, a garage and 4 (four!!) hall cupboards for all our stuff. When the seller opened the first one and said “this is where we keep our shoes”, I knew we were on to a winner!

So that’s the first change that’s in progress. There’s more to come…

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