Snowflake pattern adjustment

Both my test snowflake hexagon and first real one came out a bit ruffled round the edges. For such a little thing, it was driving me mad and I kept trying to smooth the ruffles out only for them to bounce back into place.


There’s _no_ way I could cope with a ruffly blanket as I would spend all the time trying to smooth it out and get grumpy when I couldn’t, so I decided to try tweaking the pattern a bit. I removed a tr from either side of the dtrs in round 6 then reduced the number of stitches on each side in the remaining rounds by 2.


Much better. Flat edges = no smoothing = happy me!

I really shouldn’t, but I probably will

I’ve gone and made a test snowflake hexagon and because that clearly isn’t enough, I made a puffy flower! It was just to try them out to see that they’re way too tricky and that I’d be daft to do either.

The snowflake pattern was pretty simple.


There was some head scratching and pouring over a crochet stitch reference what with it written in US stitches and me only having done trebles for the last year, but I got there in the end.

Unfortunately (for me) the puffy flower was also simple. Although it does require a magic loop which is a minor issue as me and magic loops are not the best of friends. However I got there, and there wasn’t even any swearing involved, so I consider that a success!

I do like how puffy it is!

So after all of that my willpower is crumbling. I know I should finish my blue block blanket first, but I really want to move onto snowflakes and puffy flowers!

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