52 weeks of happy: 4/52

A little late, but it’s time for some more happy photos…

Meatball recipe


Nice white walls


  • Having forgotten an ingredient for a planned recipe (yes, I meal plan – I like my lists!) I randomly picked this one for meatballs and a spicy sauce and it was ace. It’s totally on my must-make-in-the-future list…
  • Snow days. It had been snowing all morning at work so I went out at lunchtime to take pictures. I always forget to bring my camera to work when it’s snowy, but I finally remembered. Soooo pretty.
  • I finished painting my craft room! All the manky green is gone and in it’s place are lovely light, bright, white walls 🙂
  • An awesome weekend comprising a cake outing with my Mum (om nom nom) followed by successful jeans shopping (a huge victory), a Burn’s Night celebration in the evening (om nom nom again) followed by watching Scott Pilgrim vs The World for the first time (how have I not seen it before?!) followed  by seeing the Strictly Come Dancing live show in Glasgow (wow – those people can dance).

52 weeks of happy: 3/52

Time for more happy…





  • A Pandemic session with friends
  • Snow!! All light and fluffy and not-yet-slushy
  • Profiteroles to accompany the Pandemic session. Om nom nom!
  • An awesome housewarming present – Ninja matryoshka dolls. This is off the chart on the coolness scale!

52 weeks of happy: 2/52

Time for more happy…

Red and yellow tulip

Snowflake block

I'd rather still be in bed

New yarn

  • Red and yellow tulips. You can’t go wrong with a vase of tulips…
  • My first snowflake block in ages. It feels good to get going on my blanket again.
  • “I’d rather still be in bed”. So true! I’ve been eyeing up this picture for ages and found it at 50% off when I popped into town yesterday. Awesome 🙂
  • The first Crafty Club of 2013 with Sarah and Anna. It was good to catch up and be crafty. New yarn may have also been involved…

52 weeks of happy: 1/52

I came across 52 Weeks of Happy a week ago and think it’s an awesome idea for focusing on the high points of each week. I recently started logging one good thing a day and I think it’s helped me feel more positive as I’ve never failed to find something good to write down, even on days which have seemed pretty rubbish. So I think bloging four happy things a week is a way to have my happy in picture form!

So this week, four things that made me happy were:

New Year's Eve cocktails

Kitchen cupboard

Craft room

Young House Love book

  • Cocktails on New Year’s Eve. So green. So good.
  • Replacing a missing shelf in one of the kitchen cupboards. The supports were there, but the shelf wasn’t for whatever reason. I’m ridiculously happy about the new shelf – I think there was jumping up and down, clapping and possibly excited squealing when it went in!
  • Getting started on painting my craft room so that it no longer has manky green walls. That photo really doesn’t do the colour justice. It’s far more manky in real life. But the first coat is done (yay). I think it needs two more though (boo)…
  • Reading the Young House Love book I got for Christmas. If you haven’t found Young House Love then I would check it out- it’s an awesome place to spend some time.

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