2013 Goals: February

I can’t believe it’s February already! That means it’s time to see how I did with my January goals. Turns out I actually got a few things done, which kinda surprised me…

  1. Paint my craft room (the new house comes complete with room for a craft room (woop, woop and woop again!), but it’s currently a kind of manky green colour which needs to go before I fill it with my junk craft stuff)
  2. Organise and photoshop my New Year’s Eve photos
  3. Join in with 52 Weeks of Happy
  4. Complete 2 items from my 101 Things list (ish). I did some of my regular monthly items but didn’t tick off anything new.
  5. Finish 5 snowflake blocks

I’m super happy about getting my craft room painted. It makes such a difference having got rid of the manky green colour and I can’t wait to get some pictures up of the change. I’m also pretty please I ticked off the snowflake blocks goal because as of Wednesday I only had 3 done so it was a bit of a race to the finish. But I got there and probably wouldn’t have done so if I hadn’t set myself that goal.

So on to February…

Source: lovelyasadream.tumblr.com via whatktmadenext on Pinterest

  1. Tidy my craft room, unpack the remaining boxes and generally make it look pretty
  2. Finish 5 snowflake blocks and my chunky cowl
  3. Make cushions for the living room
  4. Complete two unstarted items from my 101 Things list
  5. Order the new radiator for the (not so) snug room so that it can start to live up to its name

2013 Goals: January

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I’ve come to the conclusion that new year’s resolutions and me don’t really work. I have no idea what my 2012 goals were and I suspect if I look back I didn’t do many/any of them, so I’ve decided to remain in blissful ignorance!

This year I’m going to try setting shorter term goals, so here’s my plan for January:

  1. Paint my craft room (the new house comes complete with room for a craft room (woop, woop and woop again!), but it’s currently a kind of manky green colour which needs to go before I fill it with my junk craft stuff)
  2. Organise and photoshop my New Year’s Eve photos
  3. Join in with 52 Weeks of Happy
  4. Complete 2 items from my 101 Things list
  5. Finish 5 snowflake blocks

I think that’s all pretty do-able. I just need to get on with the doing bit…

Here’s to 2012!

So it’s that time of year again. Where does the time go?! I hope everyone had a lovely New Year and has an awesome 2012!

Last night hubby and I went for an early meal out, watched Captain America then saw some of the city’s amazing fireworks’ display from our living room. We can just about see the highest fireworks if we squeeze into one of our window alcoves and peer sideways! It was a lovely start to 2012.

Normally I’m not really a New Year’s kinda gal. I don’t enjoy staying up late or going to pubs or all the other general New Yearsy activities. I’m a bit of a bah humbug about the whole thing. Christmas – yes (very definitely yes). New Year – no.

Another thing I’m not a fan of is resolutions. I’ve tried before and generally/always fail and I don’t enjoy that feeling. So instead of setting myself up for failure, last year I decided to start a 101 Things list (for which I have a majorly overdue post coming). It doesn’t feel like resolutions and I’m under no illusions that I’ll complete everything, but I’ve been ticking things off throughout the year and it’s been fun to do, so it seems to be working for me.

This year I’ve also decided to try A Monthly Make 2012.

It kinda does what it says on the tin – make something each month and post to flickr about it. I was tossing up joining Iron Craft 2012 (possibly because of the awesome button!) which is a themed make every two weeks.


But Anna brought me back down to earth with the reasoning that it’s just not going to happen, especially with work the way it is right now. She’s completely right (thanks for the reality check Anna Smile). It does sound like fun though. Maybe next year…

So that’s the plan for 2012. Continue with my 101 Things and try and do a make a month. That’s totally not a resolution. Absolutely not…

2010 Round-up

Back at the start of 2010, I set myself some goals for the year ahead. Well 0.5 out of 3 ain’t bad, I suppose. I managed to try lots some new things like crochet, paper piecing, applique and inserting a zipper. But I pretty much failed at everything else!

I’m ok about the lack of FMQ. I’m happy with straight line quilting at the moment and am going to work on improving that before I try FMQ. I’m also ok about not making something from every craft book or not making a bigger quilt. These things will happen in time.

So instead of focussing on my failures, here’s my highlights:

  • I bought a new awesome sewing machine and made some cute pincushions
  • I did more embroidery and joined embroider-bee
  • I started learning crochet and inflicted a lovely wonky heart thingy on my hubby for Valentine’s day
  • I made some baby quilts and have made the Pointy Quilt of Torture my longest WIP
  • I started a Baby Jane quilt. A very, very pink one 🙂
  • I joined Bee Europa and got to make loads of different blocks that I’d never have tried otherwise

All in all, 2010 was a pretty good year. I could have done more over the second half, but that’s not something I can change and I had my reasons. Looking forward, there’s lots I want to do in 2011, so I’m going to get off the PC and go start doing it…

Looking forward to 2010

Well, I thought I’d set some goals for this year. I’m not making resolutions, because I always break them by the end of January. So these are goals. Totally different…!

Goal 1: Learn to FMQ

This is the biggie – I really want to have the option of doing something other than straight-line quilting.

So by the end of 2010, I’d like to have FMQ-ed a quilt that I’m giving away as a gift. That means not only do I have to be able to FMQ, it has to look good enough to be given away.

Goal 2: Learn new techniques

I’d like to try appliqué, paper piecing and hand quilting. I’d also like to attempt a skirt and learn to crochet.

I’m going to set myself a challenge of making at least one item from every book I got at Christmas. I picked the books because they covered the areas I’d like to learn, so making something from each one should cover this goal.

Goal 3: Make a bigger quilt

So far, my quilts have been pretty small ( I think the biggest has been about 1.2m long) so I’d like to make at least a single bed sized quilt.

So there we have it. My goals for 2010. Now, I just have to find my FMQ foot. I put it somewhere safe when my friend came round with her kids, but I can’t remember where that was! DOH!

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