A little bit of making

Life’s been kinda quiet here. There’s been house tidying to do. Lots and lots of house tidying and then a trip round Scotland which was so totally and utterly awesome, that it needs a blog post of its very own!

Before I went off galivanting around the highlands, I finally got around to making some cushions for the sofa. I’d had the material sitting around ready to go for weeks and just needed a push to finally get on and make them.

So the day we left on holiday seemed like the right time! I left hubby tidying the house and I went to Sarah’s to make cushions. I’m not sure how I wangled that one but I wasn’t complaining! Here’s the first one (it’s the patterned one at the front) and the other’s the same.

And here’s the bit I’m uber proud of – the concealed zipper!

I used this tutorial and it was super easy. The first cushion took about an hour and the next was 30 mins and I think future ones would be even quicker. I really don’t know why I was putting it off!

Let’s get quilty!

“Let’s get quilty” was the title of a recent email from my friend, Anna, who I gave this quilt to. Anna’s very crafty herself (does awesome knitting and crocheting), but she hasn’t done any quilting… until now. She’s decided she wants to learn, and has roped in another of our friends, Sarah, so between the 3 of us we’re going to do a bit of quilting. Although we’re starting small and making cushions rather than quilts.

Anna is thinking of a wonky log cabin block, based on this tutorial from Quilt Dad (if you scroll down a bit, he’s also made a cushion so that’s the kind of idea) and Sarah is going to do a cushion with appliqu├ęd butterflies on it.

I’ve um’d and ah’d a bit. I started off thinking about making mini pillows for the bedroom but have been struggling to come up with a good design for a rectangular cushion that fits in the colour scheme of the bedroom. Then I remembered I could really do with a cushion to sit on when I’m sewing to boost me up to a better height to use my machine. That meant a square cushion and no colour limits!

So I was having a look around and came across some fab rainbow quilts (check out this, this, this, this and this) so I’ve decided to make a rainbow cushion. I’ve ordered some mini charm packs (2 1/2″ squares) in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple and I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can have a play with layouts!

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