Completed: Colour Wheel Embroidery

Done and lots of fun it was too…

The stitches at the bottom left of the wheel don’t come quite to the edge, but it’s ok because I kept measuring all the way round so that the segments were the same length. Now the fabric’s out of the hoop, the circle looks pretty symmetric and I’m planning on sorting out a frame for it at the weekend.

Big thanks to Amy for her original inspiration and tutorial!

WIP Wednesday: Nearly halfway

More progress on my colour wheel – 7 of 16 segments completed:

Colour Wheel embroidery – some progress at last!

Well I’ve finally managed to make a bit of progress on my colour wheel embroidery…

Colour Wheel embroidery progress

3 segments done, 13 to go.

Colour Wheel embroidery stop press!

I’ve started my colour wheel and managed my first ever French Knot that hasn’t come out wonky! Wahoo!

Colour Wheel embroidery update

Oh dear. I haven’t even started my colour wheel embroidery and Amy has already finished hers! Right. I hearby swear to make a start over the weekend…!

Colour Wheel Embroidery

Amy at ParkCityGirl made this beautiful embroidered colour wheel a while back. She’s making another one now and is going to post instructions so that anyone can join in (here’s post 1). Now I haven’t done embroidery before, but hey, now seems like as good a time as any to learn so I’m going to give it a go!

Here are my colours. Amy suggested 12 but I’ve ended up with 16 because I wanted some pink in it!

Colour wheel embroidery threads

My local shop had Anchor floss, so I had to convert Amy’s DMC thread numbers to Anchor ones. There were a lot of conversion charts which all gave wildly different values, but I found this one pretty accurate. Plus it lists colour names which I love. “Medium Dark Antique Mauve” anyone? Or how about “Light Nile Green”? Love it! Names are so much more fun than numbers!

Anyway, in case it’s of any use to anyone, plus for my future records, here are the colours I’m using.

  • 47      Red
  • 46      Bright red
  • 925    Light pumpkin
  • 316    Pumpkin
  • 298    Deep canary
  • 295    Light straw
  • 280    Lime green
  • 256    Bright chartreuse
  • 227    Light green
  • 1706 <no name – it’s kinda a dark turquoise>
  • 779    Dark grey green
  • 978    Dark dark baby blue (and yes, that is double-dark!)
  • 1030  Dark blue violet
  • 98      Medium grape
  • 87      Light plum
  • 59      Bright red (hmmm, that’s the same as 46, but this one’s pinky-red)

I can’t wait to start!

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