Week Off Work Week 2: Day 3

Yesterday I was off to Sarah’s for a crafty day. I think we’ve got a pattern to these now: a mid morning start, much playing with baby Peter (who is growing taller and cuter by the day) and lots of chat, a bit of craft post lunch whilst he’s napping and then more play/chat. I love these days so much! They’re just so much fun.

Highlights of yesterday include:

  • Squeezing in Peter’s first trip to Hobbycraft. I mean, what 6 month old doesn’t need to know the range of craft supplies available down the road?
  • Sorting out the layout of my Blue Block Blanket – each row is now bagged up ready to be put together


  • Feeding Peter lunch and a) him eating it all and b) not getting it on the walls or ceiling
  • Purchasing these gorgeous colours for a cute cross stitch pattern I found in a magazine


  • Giving Peter a bottle and him falling asleep on me
  • Much chat with Sarah, especially getting ideas for trees to go in my garden (not that I have one – I’m getting way too carried away here, following the trip to see houses on Monday). We’re thinking witch hazel for winter colour and (I think) snowy mespilus for its gorgeous blossom.
  • Chatting with Ben once he got back from work and getting an outside opinion on the second development we saw on Monday (go for Plot 3)!

I’ll say it again. It was an ace day!


Week Off Work Week 2: Day 2

Week Off Work Week 2 has been pretty busy so far. OH and I have visited 2 housing developments and ruled one out with the jury out on the other. I’ve cleared out and reorganised a closet and taken huge quantities of stuff to storage. All of my and OH’s bank accounts are now registered for online banking, even the one that required setting a passcode, registration number, memorable picture, memorable date and not one, not two, but three security questions and answers (!!).

Ooof. It’s been a busy few days so the crafty side of things has been on the back burner a bit. I’ve made a few more snowflakes for my snowflake blanket, but my big achievement is _finally_ blocking the remainder of the blocks for my Blue Block Blanket. They’ve been staring at me for weeks and I’ve just never got around to it, but it’s done now.


I do love how nice and square they are once they’re blocked.


Now they’re all packed in shoe box awaiting the fun that is me trying to sort out a layout…


The beginnings of a blanket

5 down, 54 to go…

Snowflake pattern adjustment

Both my test snowflake hexagon and first real one came out a bit ruffled round the edges. For such a little thing, it was driving me mad and I kept trying to smooth the ruffles out only for them to bounce back into place.


There’s _no_ way I could cope with a ruffly blanket as I would spend all the time trying to smooth it out and get grumpy when I couldn’t, so I decided to try tweaking the pattern a bit. I removed a tr from either side of the dtrs in round 6 then reduced the number of stitches on each side in the remaining rounds by 2.


Much better. Flat edges = no smoothing = happy me!

Definitely not…

A large squishy package may have arrived chez KT this week…


It’s totally not a joint order, by Anna and myself, for snowflake blanket yarn…


Definitely not…

121 blocks = done

I finished off  the last blocks for my blue block blanket last night.


It’s not going to be as big as I’d originally intended, but after more than a year of on/off Summer Garden Granny Squaring, I’ve reached the point where if I don’t finish then it’ll get parked and be a long term WIP. I did feel kinda sad working on the last ones, but better that than getting fed up and leaving them at the back of a cupboard somewhere.


So it’s on to blocking. Anna had a great suggestion of using a foam camping mat…


There are 46 blocks on there at the moment. I could have done more but I ran out of pins (and that’s after buying a pack of 200 specially for this!) Hopefully the blocking will be done by next weekend at which point I’ll lay them out and start sewing them together!

Blankets on the brain

I’m going crochet blanket crazy and it’s not good. I have a bad feeling that if I don’t get it sorted, there’s going to be all sorts of yarn spendiness going on soon.The current state of my blanket craze is this:

1. I’m so loving this snowflake blanket that I posted about the other day.

It’s just gorgeous and I really, really, really want to make it. I was thinking maybe white snowflakes with a deep purple background? Although Anna pointed out that the royal blue in my blue block blanket has this lovely shimmer to it, so it would probably be lovely. Although I kinda fancy a change from blues after a year of blue granny squares. See I’m not even finished my blue block blanket and I’m already thinking snowflake colour schemes. Tis madness!

2. As if a snowflake blanket isn’t enough, I’m also loving this so much that I went and bought the pattern! I’ve never wanted anything enough before that I’ve bought the pattern, but I just love this. Isn’t it fab?!

Floral Baby Blanket

I’d pinterested it ages ago but found out that the pattern’s just been released, so my willpower deserted me and the pattern was mine shortly after. Wouldn’t this be lovely in reds and pinks? Or red and aqua? Or red, orange and yellow?

It’s probably a mahoosive amount of work though. Perhaps a cushion might be more do-able. Or a coaster. A puffy flower coaster – that would be nice!

3. And then because I am clearly insane, I also want to make a granny stripe blanket like Anna’s.

We had a crafty club the other night and I got total blanket envy. I even went as far as online yarn window shopping before sanity prevailed. But I _need_ to make one of these. In red and pink. It has to be red and pink. I can just picture it.

I think I need help…

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