A new group of Janiacs!

During some random blog hopping I stumbled across something really, really cool! A new group of quilters starting out doing contemporary Baby Janes. Awesome!

I haven’t found many people at a similar stage of Baby Jane-ness to me, let alone those doing more modern versions, so to find Under the Willow Tree was great. And they even have a cool logo in lots of different colours (but the pink one was a must for me).


M-9 Fan Dance & I-7 Mac and Muff

M-9: Fan Dance

I love how the seams line up on this one. Well most of them. But there’s enough to make me happy!

  • Pieces: 28
  • Fabric: Makower Fairies star burst in pink
  • Description: Foundation pieced
  • Notes: Nice and easy. Just what I needed after B-9!

I-7 Mac and Muff

Ok, this one was a pain. The border triangles are normally appliqued on, but my applique isn’t great so having seen this I decided to piece them instead, not that that turned out much easier. I kept cutting fabric wrong, ironing the seams the wrong way and having to rip and resew a lot.

But I like how crisp the triangles ended up. Much better than if I’d appliqued them. But I don’t want to do anything link that again in a hurry!

  • Pieces: 23
  • Fabric: Not sure. It’s the same one as used for A-5
  • Description: Foundation pieced center, rotary cut boarder
  • Notes: Meh. I’m glad that one’s over and done with

B-9 Tinker Toy

Ok, I now have a very healthy respect for set in seams. I was kinda worried about this block because it involved reverse applique which I’d not done before, but that really was the least of my problems! Those seams were sewn, ripped out, sewn again, sworn at, ripped out, sewn again – you get the picture.

So finally I went with the Baby Jane motto “done is better than perfect”…

  • Pieces: 13 (unlucky for some – maybe that was why it was so stressful to put together?!)
  • Fabric: I think it might be from Joann? It was sent over for my birthday by the lovely Ashley – thanks again Ashley 🙂
  • Description: Machine pieced with reverse applique for the center square
  • Notes: Do I want to go look at how many blocks have set in seams? Or would that just make me cry?!

A-5 Cathie’s Campfire & A-6 Uncle Homer

I’m back in the Baby Jane game!! It’s been a long time coming, but I really enjoyed getting going again. How is it that something so small can produce such a sense of achievement?!

A-5: Cathie’s Campfire:

  • Pieces: 29
  • Fabric: No idea. My LQS still has it in stock so I might go in an have a peek at the label!
  • Description: Foundation pieced
  • Notes: Nothing tricky here

A-6: Uncle Homer

  • Pieces: 9
  • Fabric: TW16PINK from the Darla range by Tanya Wheelan
  • Description: Rotary cut and machine pieced
  • Notes: It took a while to fussy cut the pieces, but other than that this block was a breeze! I also increased the size of the patterned squares to show off the pattern

The great right white hunt!

Thanks for the suggestions on where to go with my scorched Baby Jane blocks. It was good to get a reality check as I was about to scrap the lot and start from scratch! But I think I’ve got a plan of attack now.

First off, I’m going to find a true white fabric and use that for the remaining blocks. I’m also going to redo I-1, L-7 and B-12 which are the top three in this pic:

I’m not keen on the fabric in I-1 as a Baby Jane fabric. I think there’s too much white in it and it hides the block pattern. The scorching in L-7 is really obvious to me and as it’s a simple block, I can quickly redo it. B-12 is also really simple so it’s getting the redo treatment too.

I’m not redoing the complicated ones (A-2 and C-10 – the bottom two in the pic). I’ll see how bad they look if and when I get the rest of the blocks finished and redo if I’m not happy.

So that solution sounds easy enough, the only problem is finding the right white. I thought Kona cotton might be the answer because if I could get my hands on a Kona Colour Card, I would be able to pick a white to match the existing one. But I’ve been on the hunt for one of these for a while and no-one in the UK was selling them… until Thursday.

Simply Solids now sell them so I immediately snaffled one up and delivery was so speedy that when it appeared in the mail I wasn’t expecting it and couldn’t think what was in the package, LOL! Isn’t it just so pretty…

I could look at the colours all day!

But the whites are the important section…

It looks like Kona White (1387)  is the right white, so I just have to order some of that and I’ll be back in business!


I was having a look at my Baby Jane blocks recently as I like to do, just because they’re so cute! Anyway I noticed something bad – scorch marks. L-7 is the most obvious:

I don’t know if you can see it, but the corner squares are whiter than the other “white” pieces which are scorched. There are five of fifteen affected, and naturally two of the most complicated (A-2 and C-10) are in the group.

I really don’t know how I’ve missed this. Perhaps because they were made in winter the light wasn’t as good as it is now? It’s really obvious now though 😦

The white is an Ikea “Dvala” sheet, a tip I picked up here. Anna has also been using one of these in her current project and has also got scorch marks so I think I can safely say that it’s not our irons. We also bought ours separately, months apart, so I don’t think it’s down to a dodgy batch.

I have a feeling that the fabric is just not good enough quality to withstand lots of ironing. It’s maybe ok for blocks which don’t need much pressing, but not for ones with lots of seams. One thing’s for sure though – I won’t be using a Dvala sheet again, which is a shame because they’re great value and so many people seem to use them without problem.

I went to my LQS and picked up some white fabric. But when I got that home I found it’s a different white to the Ikea sheet. The Ikea sheet is really white, but this fabric is almost cream even though the bolt said white.

So what to do? I would really, really appreciate some input because I am completely undecided on what to do. My current thinking is one of the following:

H-4: Abbey’s Eyes

So having prep’d this one back at the start of May, I finally got around to sewing it last night! I thought I’d done ok, but then I saw this H-4 by biscuitnrabbi and I’m feeling a bit deflated. The seams are so precise and everything look crisp, sharp and lines up. I don’t really want to redo this one, but now I kinda feel that I could maybe do better. Although I think I’ll probably end up leaving it as is and if it still bugs me down the line, then I’ll redo it…

  • Pieces: 3
  • Fabric: Pretty Pink Lottsa Dots from the Love U range for Moda by Deb Strain
  • Description: Hand appliqué using the “freezer paper underneath” technique
  • Notes: Aaargh! I’d forgotten how much sewing pointy points drive me insane. I think they’re maybe getting easier though. Maybe…!

D-6: Challenge

The mushroom fabric I bought the other day was begging to be made into a Baby Jane block, so I obliged…

  • Pieces: 9
  • Fabric: Mushrooms in pink from the Froggies collection by Exclusively Quilters for Classic Cottons
  • Description: Foundation pieced. It was a bit tricky to do fussy cutting with foundation piecing so that the mushrooms were centred and straight. I’m not sure that it would be do-able with smaller pieces of fabric like the other blocks have.
  • Notes: My first go at foundation piecing on my Horizon and it worked really nicely. Not sure how I’d live without a thread cutter and knee lifter now!

Stash update

I came home to a gorgeous package of fabric this evening so figured it was time for a fabric update! Today’s bundle of yummy-ness brought these 3 FQ’s that I chose with my Baby Jane quilt in mind:

Aren’t those mushrooms just the cutest?! Bizarrely, they’re from a range called “Froggies” for Exclusively Quilters, as are the pink dots. The bubbles one on the left is from the Kaleidoscope range for Fabric Freedom. It’s probably a bit too purple for my Baby Jane though so I think it’s destined for my general stash.

I have to heap praise on Lymington Fabrics where I ordered these from. Not only was it free P&P on all orders, but I only ordered yesterday! Speedy delivery or what! Their prices were good too and I could pay with paypal which I prefer to do. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer!

Next up is a Make Life charm pack from Sweetwater. This was meant to be for my month in Bee Europa, but I’ve fallen in love with it so the fabrics aren’t leaving the house! I think this might turn into a stacked coins quilt…

The shop this time was Thread Bear, and they charge P&P at whatever it costs them to send the fabric – 96p in this case! I was just about off to Italy when this arrived so what’s a girl to do but take it with her so that she doesn’t have to wait a week to checkout the pretty fabrics! So here’s the charm pack sitting pretty by the swimming pool at the villa!

Finally are a couple of fabrics I’ve had my eye on since my friend Sarah made a lovely tote bag with them. Not sure what range they’re from, but they’re so pretty. I think they’re destined to become a bag of some sort for me to take stuff to crafty club.

So lots in – that should keep me busy for a while!


… <in best Gershwin style> and the sewin’ is eeeeeeeeasy…

Combine gorgeous sunny weather with my physio saying that I can start sewing again and you have one happy KT 🙂

The weather has been absolutely beautiful today (nearly 30 degrees, which is a minor miracle for Scotland!) so hubby and I made a beeline for the nearest park with a picnic, a book for him and a Baby Jane block for me!

I asked hubby to take some pics and when I wasn’t looking he only went and put my lovely white block on the grass! All I could say was “just don’t get it muddy”, LOL! I love the pic though and there’s not a mud spot in sight, phew!

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