Week Off Work Week 2: Day 3

Yesterday I was off to Sarah’s for a crafty day. I think we’ve got a pattern to these now: a mid morning start, much playing with baby Peter (who is growing taller and cuter by the day) and lots of chat, a bit of craft post lunch whilst he’s napping and then more play/chat. I love these days so much! They’re just so much fun.

Highlights of yesterday include:

  • Squeezing in Peter’s first trip to Hobbycraft. I mean, what 6 month old doesn’t need to know the range of craft supplies available down the road?
  • Sorting out the layout of my Blue Block Blanket – each row is now bagged up ready to be put together


  • Feeding Peter lunch and a) him eating it all and b) not getting it on the walls or ceiling
  • Purchasing these gorgeous colours for a cute cross stitch pattern I found in a magazine


  • Giving Peter a bottle and him falling asleep on me
  • Much chat with Sarah, especially getting ideas for trees to go in my garden (not that I have one – I’m getting way too carried away here, following the trip to see houses on Monday). We’re thinking witch hazel for winter colour and (I think) snowy mespilus for its gorgeous blossom.
  • Chatting with Ben once he got back from work and getting an outside opinion on the second development we saw on Monday (go for Plot 3)!

I’ll say it again. It was an ace day!


Punching butterflies

Towards the end of last year, I was quite light on the making a blogging front but I did get a few things done that I want to share. I’d pinned some wonderful paper punch arty thingies, like this and this, on Pinterest and thought I’d try my own version.


I cut the card to size, marked the locations of the butterflies with pencil then punched the butterflies and stuck them on. To give the butterflies a bit of lift I used thick sticky pads and bent their wings up a bit. That’s really all there was to it!


All in all it was a pretty cheap project. The frame came from Ikea, the white card and foam sticky dots from Hobbycraft and the butterflies were punched from paint colour cards.


I do l.o.v.e. how this turned out. I decided one of our bookcases could do with some arty things to break up the books, and this fits the bill so well. I didn’t want to end with a crappy photo of my bookshelf after all the pretty butterfly ones, so I had some fun with picassa filters and came up with this…


Here’s to 2012!

So it’s that time of year again. Where does the time go?! I hope everyone had a lovely New Year and has an awesome 2012!

Last night hubby and I went for an early meal out, watched Captain America then saw some of the city’s amazing fireworks’ display from our living room. We can just about see the highest fireworks if we squeeze into one of our window alcoves and peer sideways! It was a lovely start to 2012.

Normally I’m not really a New Year’s kinda gal. I don’t enjoy staying up late or going to pubs or all the other general New Yearsy activities. I’m a bit of a bah humbug about the whole thing. Christmas – yes (very definitely yes). New Year – no.

Another thing I’m not a fan of is resolutions. I’ve tried before and generally/always fail and I don’t enjoy that feeling. So instead of setting myself up for failure, last year I decided to start a 101 Things list (for which I have a majorly overdue post coming). It doesn’t feel like resolutions and I’m under no illusions that I’ll complete everything, but I’ve been ticking things off throughout the year and it’s been fun to do, so it seems to be working for me.

This year I’ve also decided to try A Monthly Make 2012.

It kinda does what it says on the tin – make something each month and post to flickr about it. I was tossing up joining Iron Craft 2012 (possibly because of the awesome button!) which is a themed make every two weeks.


But Anna brought me back down to earth with the reasoning that it’s just not going to happen, especially with work the way it is right now. She’s completely right (thanks for the reality check Anna Smile). It does sound like fun though. Maybe next year…

So that’s the plan for 2012. Continue with my 101 Things and try and do a make a month. That’s totally not a resolution. Absolutely not…

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! I hope you had an awesome day 🙂

This is our teeny fairy light tree. We didn’t have room for a real tree this year so we this one instead. You can’t go wrong with fairy lights really, can you?!

It’s been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately, which is mainly down to the craziness that is work right now. But I’m trying very hard not to think about it and just enjoy my two weeks off work, yay. Lots of long lie ins are doing their job and I’m starting to feel human again, so it’s time to come back here and get up to date with what I’ve been up to craftywise.

Here’s the first of my recent crafty endeavours… a candy cane yarn wreath with felt flowers (totally inspired by this and this from Pinterest) for the front door. I am uber (with a capital U and BER) proud of how it turned out…

Although I could really do with centering this on the door viewer…!

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