Some recent “101 Things” things

I recently had a look through my 101 Things list and it doesn’t make for very good reading. I’ve got about 9 months to go and I’ve only completed 18. Eighteen??!! Yoikes.

I think #59 Move somwhere with a garden… can be ticked off, given that I’ve moved somewhere and that somewhere has a garden. Although I should probably have finished #22 Make something for each room in the house before I moved somewhere with more than double the number of rooms. Schoolboy error, that one!

#73 Eat fresh pineapple was there for the taking, but I didn’t follow through.


In fact that’s twice I’ve had a pineapple sitting in the kitchen for the sole purpose of being eaten in the name of #73. And that’s twice I’ve let it sit there until it’s too old to eat. Total fail. Although I do like the picture Smile

I have been continuing, somewhat haphazardly, with #69 Try 2 new recipes every month. I tried a a new gluten-free-adapted pear cheesecake recipe and a new welcome drink at Christmas (prosecco + cranberry juice + passion fruit juice = yum) because clearly there’s no time better for trying new recipes than when you’re also trying to cook Christmas dinner for the first time, for 12 people *facepalm*.

I also made chocolate orange cupcakes for a pot luck party, complete with chocolate orange buttons as decoration. Yum Smile


In a couple of cheats, #16 Finish the bedroom curtain is done. Not because I finished the curtain, but because I moved house and the curtain is no longer required. Loophole? Definitely! But my list doesn’t have any small print Smile

I’ve also swapped Diablo III for Torchlight 2 in #48 Play Diablo III.

They’re both RPGs so I figure they’re close enough. Plus Diablo III requires an internet connection and I didn’t have one for 5 weeks (did I really survive that?!) after moving house. Torchlight 2 was kind enough not to require that, so it got my money instead Smile

Anyway, although this is a somewhat longwinded post, it’s unfortunately not down to me completing lots of things. I really need to step up my game in 2013…


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  1. CitricSugar
    Jan 02, 2013 @ 22:31:55

    Try to cut yourself some slack – you did move and everything. 🙂 Makes it tricky, for certain. Fresh pineapple is intimidating to cut, too. You know it’s going to take longer than peeling an orange so it’s easy to miss the ripeness window. Check restaurant menus for fresh pineapple when you eat out. lol.

    Also, you could always cheat and make air freshener sprays for a bunch of rooms with essential oils, water and vodka. Several birds – one project. Good luck and happy new year!


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