Blankets on the brain

I’m going crochet blanket crazy and it’s not good. I have a bad feeling that if I don’t get it sorted, there’s going to be all sorts of yarn spendiness going on soon.The current state of my blanket craze is this:

1. I’m so loving this snowflake blanket that I posted about the other day.

It’s just gorgeous and I really, really, really want to make it. I was thinking maybe white snowflakes with a deep purple background? Although Anna pointed out that the royal blue in my blue block blanket has this lovely shimmer to it, so it would probably be lovely. Although I kinda fancy a change from blues after a year of blue granny squares. See I’m not even finished my blue block blanket and I’m already thinking snowflake colour schemes. Tis madness!

2. As if a snowflake blanket isn’t enough, I’m also loving this so much that I went and bought the pattern! I’ve never wanted anything enough before that I’ve bought the pattern, but I just love this. Isn’t it fab?!

Floral Baby Blanket

I’d pinterested it ages ago but found out that the pattern’s just been released, so my willpower deserted me and the pattern was mine shortly after. Wouldn’t this be lovely in reds and pinks? Or red and aqua? Or red, orange and yellow?

It’s probably a mahoosive amount of work though. Perhaps a cushion might be more do-able. Or a coaster. A puffy flower coaster – that would be nice!

3. And then because I am clearly insane, I also want to make a granny stripe blanket like Anna’s.

We had a crafty club the other night and I got total blanket envy. I even went as far as online yarn window shopping before sanity prevailed. But I _need_ to make one of these. In red and pink. It has to be red and pink. I can just picture it.

I think I need help…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anna
    Jan 13, 2012 @ 22:35:10

    What about the crochet circle blanket? Are you forgetting that one? (I’m helping right?)
    I can also help by possibly going yarn shopping. What do you mean that’s not the sort of help you need?
    (who is still doIng the ripple blanket whilst planning a snowflake blanket and a puffy flower blanket too!!!)


    • whatktmadenext
      Jan 14, 2012 @ 09:30:35

      LOL, not sure that was the type of help I was after! I see your puffy flower blanket has gone from a cushion to a blanket! When did that happen?!


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