101 Things: #53 Take a day off work and play a game on the day it’s released

So I’ve been a bit MIA of late so I guess this post should really be a catch up on all that’s been going on of late. But it’s not because today is Skyrim day! Skyrim day has been a muchos anticipated day for me ever since they announced the 11/11/11 release date. For those who are oblivious to the Skyrim anticipation, its the fifth in the Elder Scrolls RPG series. I loved the previous game and this one promised dragons. What’s not to love?

So I took the day off work and at midnight I was ducking and diving as I tried to outrun a dragon. OH also has a copy and is currently busy catching salmon. Yes, there are dragons to slay so he’s splashing around in a river catching fish! Although I can’t really talk. 10 minutes ago I was making vegetable soup over a campfire in a bandit cave. Why is it that making soup in a game is much more fun than in real life?!

And now I have to go find some standing stones. According to OH I can get a special magic power from one that I missed earlier in the game…


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  1. CitricSugar
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 19:39:14

    This post was awesome for several reasons: A) you’ve revealed yourself as a nerd as well as a sewist B) dragons. Nuff said. C) You posted about what you WANTED to post about instead of what you felt you SHOULD.

    Nice to have you back. 🙂


    • whatktmadenext
      Nov 14, 2011 @ 21:05:19

      Thanks Carly! I’ve not been blogging as I don’t have much going on but then feel guilty for not blogging. So what you said was totally what I needed to hear, I just didn’t know it until you said it 🙂


  2. Robin
    Nov 12, 2011 @ 18:51:15

    LOL! My husband was up waaaaaay too late last night playing this! He couldn’t take the day off work, but he worked really hard so that he could come home early. The graphics in this one are so much more refined than Oblivion. I’m really enjoying watching him play. (I can only go about 20 minutes before I get motion-sick… so I just have to have the vicarious experience). 🙂

    Remember to stop and eat every once and awhile! (Real food, that is.) 😛


    • whatktmadenext
      Nov 14, 2011 @ 21:07:36

      ROTFL! Has your husband caught up on his sleep yet or does he have claw hand from spending too much time gripping a mouse?!

      I was getting motion sick too, but I think I had the graphics up too high. I dropped them down and now I’m happily sneaking/arrowing/fireballing to my hearts content 🙂


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