A little bit of making

Life’s been kinda quiet here. There’s been house tidying to do. Lots and lots of house tidying and then a trip round Scotland which was so totally and utterly awesome, that it needs a blog post of its very own!

Before I went off galivanting around the highlands, I finally got around to making some cushions for the sofa. I’d had the material sitting around ready to go for weeks and just needed a push to finally get on and make them.

So the day we left on holiday seemed like the right time! I left hubby tidying the house and I went to Sarah’s to make cushions. I’m not sure how I wangled that one but I wasn’t complaining! Here’s the first one (it’s the patterned one at the front) and the other’s the same.

And here’s the bit I’m uber proud of – the concealed zipper!

I used this tutorial and it was super easy. The first cushion took about an hour and the next was 30 mins and I think future ones would be even quicker. I really don’t know why I was putting it off!


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