Goodbye Denim…

One of my Blue Block Blanket colours is Denim. It liked the sample, but I have to say I’m just not loving it in the blocks. It looks way too grey and is just not pretty, especially next to Turquoise!

So I decided to audition for a different colour. Here are my contenders:

From L to R: Lavender, Wisteria, Violet, Grape (all Stylecraft Special DK).

Grape was out straight off. It’s just plain nasty and I don’t want it anywhere near my blanket!! Lavender was too similar to Bluebell, which I’m already using, so that left Wisteria and Violet.

It’s wierd how colours change when you’re looking at a ball of wool to looking at a block. On their own, I like Wisteria and Violet, just like I liked Denim. But once they’re in a block, Wisteria turns kinda pinky and doesn’t seem to fit with the other colours and there’s something about Violet that I’m just not sure about.

So I’ve decided to stick with 8 colours. I’ve redone my colour scheme and all is good!


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