M-9 Fan Dance & I-7 Mac and Muff

M-9: Fan Dance

I love how the seams line up on this one. Well most of them. But there’s enough to make me happy!

  • Pieces: 28
  • Fabric: Makower Fairies star burst in pink
  • Description: Foundation pieced
  • Notes: Nice and easy. Just what I needed after B-9!

I-7 Mac and Muff

Ok, this one was a pain. The border triangles are normally appliqued on, but my applique isn’t great so having seen this I decided to piece them instead, not that that turned out much easier. I kept cutting fabric wrong, ironing the seams the wrong way and having to rip and resew a lot.

But I like how crisp the triangles ended up. Much better than if I’d appliqued them. But I don’t want to do anything link that again in a hurry!

  • Pieces: 23
  • Fabric: Not sure. It’s the same one as used for A-5
  • Description: Foundation pieced center, rotary cut boarder
  • Notes: Meh. I’m glad that one’s over and done with

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sheila (aka quilting Gammy)
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 13:33:56

    nicely done


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