101 Things: February ’11 round-up

Wow, I can’t believe February is almost over! So, how have things been progressing this month?

#15 Crochet a blanket

I have my yarn (pretty, pretty colours) and I’m currently going through a ridiculously lengthy colour saga (here is the latest part).

#34 Watch at least one film a month or cancel the LoveFilm subscription

I watched Stardust. It’s absolutely bonkers and well worth a watch for the sheer lunacy of it all!

#61 Take meter readings each month

Done for February

#63 Exercise once a week for 12 weeks in a row

7/12 . I’ve been charging up and down the pool in aqua fit. I look daft but it is exercise.

#68 Use the exercise bike for 20 mins a week or get rid of it (can skip max 3 weeks in any 8 week period if there’s a REALLY good reason like illness)

Complete! I hadn’t used the bike since I started this list so it’s gone, leaving a nice bike-shaped space in the living room. I think that means I’ve got more space for fabric, but that idea is probably best kept quiet from hubby!

#69 Try 2 new recipes every month

I totally forgot about this till yesterday. Cue an emergency cooking session to make banana muffins from this book and salmon and couscous parcels from this one. Both were om nom nommy and as a bonus, I used two unused pieces of kitchen equipment to make the muffins so…

#70 Make something with each unused piece of kitchen equipment

… is now in progress! I used my muffin tray which has languished in the kitchen, unused, for years and these mini muffin cases that Anna gave me recently (thanks Anna!).


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