101 Things: January ’11 round-up

I’m going to try and do a monthly round-up of what I’ve done on my 101 Things list.

Key: In progress, Completed

#15 Crochet a blanket

– test block made and yarn ordered

#34 Watch at least one film a month or cancel the LoveFilm subscription

– watched Sherlock Holmes

#50 Play a co-op RPG with hubby

– we’ve started playing NeverWinter Nights 2 although I’m not 100% in love with the game. It’s growing on me though…

#61 Take meter readings each month

– done for January

#63 Exercise once a week for 12 weeks in a row

– 4/12 . I’ve even bought a discount card for my local leisure centre. It was £25 and saves me 25% on each visit, so that should force me to keep going at least until I’ve saved enough to pay for the card. That’s my plan at any rate!

#69 Try 2 new recipes every month

– Broccoli lemon chicken (yum, will try that one again)

– Red pepper hummus (urgh, not so yum)

Both recipies from this book.

#99 List 101 things that make me happy

– started. And one of the first on the list is fairy lights. Especially the ones I have up in the living room. They’re just so pretty and cheery and they make me smile even though it’s dark and horrible outside…


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