Cool Wool

There’s going to be a guerilla knitting/crochet event, called Cool Wool, in our local festival! How cool is that! You send in 6″ knitted or crocheted squares and they will either create a giant picnic blanket or wrap trees like this:

Viva La Gong knit tree

Viva La Gong knit tree by grrl+dog

That just looks awesome! So I totally have to take part!

The blocks have to be sent in by the end of April so I think I’m going to try and make 12. And here’s my first one. It was a practice block for my Blue Block Blanket but I didn’t like the pattern as it seems a too holey for a snuggly blanket. So it’s destined to wrap a tree instead…

More info of the festival here (and thanks to Anna’s hubby Dave for spotting it!).


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