Zero, zip, zilch, nada…

… that’s the amount of crafty stuff I did on holiday, despite taking a huge box of crafty stuff to do, LOL! So as I have nothing crafty to show for my break, here’s some holiday pics! We stayed in a villa up in the hills of Italy and the scenery was just beautiful.

Although for a lot of the holiday it looked more like this. Things are definitely not quite right when you’re on holiday for some sun and you end up at the same level as the clouds! But it was a pretty impressive sight, seeing the clouds sweep down the valley…

The villa had some beautiful, bright flowers and I can totally see a red/pink/green quilt coming on, or maybe a pink/purple one!

Hubby and I were incredibly lazy and stayed in the villa a lot of the time, mainly because the access road was barely wider than the car and it was incredibly hard to get out without scratching the car! I wish I had a photo of how tight things were, but whenever we were in the car, I was too busy breathing in to get my camera out!

However we did visit Pisa and boy does that leaning tower lean! Walking up it felt like one of those crooked houses they have at the funfair where all the floors are squint and you end up wobbling all over the place as the angle of the floor changes!

We were also lucky enough to be in Pisa for the festival of St. Ranieri, where the buildings lining the river are covered in tea lights. This photo just doesn’t do justice to how pretty everything looked.

It was a lovely break though and despite doing nothing crafty, I’ve got loads of ideas that I’m just itching to get started on!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nana
    Jun 20, 2010 @ 21:52:22

    What a fabulous holiday! The flowers are gorgeous. I would have stayed right there with a good book myself!


  2. Anna Cox
    Jun 21, 2010 @ 09:03:14

    sounds like a great holiday!!!!


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