Busy busy busy

So you know those weekends where you just do. not. stop.?! Well I’m totally having one of those! After the small matter of purchasing a new, awesome sewing machine yesterday, did I sit down and so for the rest of the day? Nope. Am I planning to sit down and sew today? Nope.

So what is keeping me from locking myself in a room with my new machine and sewing for 24 hours solid?! Well, yesterday was crafty club and it wasn’t just normal crafty club (which is an evening of crafty goodness), it was an afternoon and evening! Four extra hours of craftyness and chat – bliss 🙂

I was thinking about finishing off the Quilt of Torture but now I have the Horizon, I’m going to finish it on that instead. (The fact that I’d been planning to finish the QoT on my other machine kinda shows how quickly I made the decision to get the Horizon. But more on that in another post!).

So yesterday I hand-sewed. Yes, I appreciate the irony of getting a new sewing machine and spending the day hand-sewing, but it was fun and I got my latest embroidery project finished. Here’s a sneak peak until I get around to deciding what to do with it…

Today I’m off catching up with friends, there’s assorted household chores that need* to be done and then hubby and I are having dinner with my folks, so that’s basically today all used up. Really, I don’t think I could have picked a worse weekend to get the Horizon if I’d tried!

I guess I could be playing now instead of blogging but the time it’s taken to write this would not have been long enough to unpack the box, so I think I just have to wait. Hmmmm, I wonder how much warning I need to give work if I want to take a day off?!!

* yes, I did evaluate to see if “need” could be reduced to “should” but I don’t think it’s possible!


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  1. elle
    May 30, 2010 @ 14:23:57

    Your hand stitching is impeccable! I have a new cuisenart and it is out of the box but not given a run yet either. 😉


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