Bee Europa – May block design

Cheryl’s Workshop in Progress is focussing on process right now. That suits me perfectly – I can’t do much on the making front, but boy am I busy planning!

First up are my May blocks for Bee Europa. Beatriz requested we make blocks inspired by these and sent some beautiful fabric (isn’t it wrapped it up all nice and pretty?!). There are two heavy linen type fabrics, one in beige and one in white plus two lighter weight fabrics, both in the same pattern, one in blue and one in red.

I had a quick look at the inspiration image when I got the instructions and had a minor freak out as this is so totally different from anything I’ve made before, so I took a few days to swirl ideas around in my head.

When I’m coming up with ideas, I don’t tend to put anything on paper until I’ve done multiple revisions in my head and have a pretty good idea of what I want. I find that my ideas stick around, even through going to work and sleeping etc so I don’t have to get them on paper right away. Once I’ve got a good idea of what I want, I sketch it out, usually on the back of an old envelope (nice and eco-friendly). This was my first set of ideas:

I really like the second version of the block on the left, but after revisiting the inspiration image, I think it is too structured, so as much as I like it, it’s out. I’m not so keen on the block on the right, but I do like the small rectangles and the way one of them is at a 90 degree angle to the others.

So after a few more days of swirling ideas in my head, I sketched out a new set of ideas. I abandoned the envelope in favour of scrap paper to give myself a bit more space and broke out the colouring in pencils. As I’ve only ever used black and white sketches up till now, it turns out I don’t have any colouring in pencils. I could have sworn I did, but apparently not! So I had to make do with ink pens…

I think this is closer to the look Beatriz is after. I added the rectangles I liked from my first set of ideas into block 2 and have completely redone block 1. The only hitch so far has been with the second version of block 1. I liked the big blue square but realised the fabric I have isn’t wide enough, so had to split it into two pieces in version 3.

So that’s my process. I just really need to buy some colouring in pencils now…!


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  1. elle
    May 19, 2010 @ 21:06:33

    It is such a relief to see that others can’t get what they want because of fabric constraints. The answer can’t always be “buy more fabric”. Great post! These unstructured blocks are quite challenging, I think!


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