Colour Week – Yellow

It’s the start of colour week! Day 1 is yellow although this was always going to be tricky – I seem to have a real dearth of yellow around me despite really loving the colour. Anyway, this is a rug my Granny made. It’s mainly yellow, so I think that counts!

It’s funny. When I was leaning in to take pics, I noticed that some of the wool, like the light blue at the top of the pic, has silvery flecks in it. I love this rug and have had it for about a quarter of a century but had never noticed that until now…


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Catherine
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 20:27:00

    Nice to have a rug that your Granny made and aren’t those crochet squares called ‘Granny Squares’?


  2. Catherine
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 20:34:17

    Just tried to reply to your comment of my blog but your name comes up “No reply blogger” which means you don’t have your email address attached. Anyway thanks for visiting. I thought yellow was going to be the hard ‘one’ but then I spied my coffee set. Now green is proving to be elusive now.


    • whatktmadenext
      Dec 14, 2009 @ 21:45:09

      Hmmm, not sure why I didn’t have an email address and not really sure how to fix it!
      I think I’m good for green, but I have a feeling orange may be the really tricky one! I’m enjoying the challenge though.


  3. Elizabeth
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 22:09:05

    Very cute rug. That is really exciting to learn something new about after all that time of owning. I hope I have an experience like that during color week 🙂


  4. kendall
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 23:31:57

    oooo! it looks so cozy!! happy monday! xo


  5. Cathy
    Dec 15, 2009 @ 04:28:24

    It is a fun challenge isn’t it? I didn’t have much yellow either. I love your rug, very beautiful xo


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