Ponies and Cars baby quilt

It’s half past 7 on a Saturday and I’ve been awake for the last half hour. That’s practically unheard of (can you tell I don’t have kids!) and I’m not particularly happy about it! The reason for my wide-awakeness at this ridiculous hour is I have a layout for another baby quilt…

My friend has asked me to her two quilts (how exciting is that!?!)! The first one will be a present for her daughter and the second is for her sister’s baby who’s due in February. I’m going to tackle the baby quilt first so first things first – fabric! We don’t know the gender but the parents-to-be both work with cars and ponies so my friend wanted fabric to reflect that. Cars were easy enough but there wasn’t any good horsey fabric out there so we went for a very cute horseshoe print fabric. This will be combined with a spotty/swirly/stripy fabric which ties into both the other fabrics (pics to follow – I may be awake, but the sun isn’t so I won’t get even vaguely decent photos till later!)

I was thinking of a disappearing 9-patch quilt, but something about it’s been nagging at me as not quite right. So this morning I woke up with an idea to do a different block, kind of like this but with a narrower border. The centre square will always be the car fabric and the blocks will alternate between a border of horseshoe fabric or one of spotty/swirly/stripy fabric. I may add white sashing, but we’ll see what that looks like when I get that far.

Ok, now I’ve got my idea written down somewhere, perhaps I can go and get some more sleep…!


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  1. ashley
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 14:48:36

    We must have a psychic connection, b/c the gal in my office and I are both making disappearing 9 patch quilts right now. I love the other design as well! Can’t wait to see the fabric choices! Go you!


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