Roses for Rosa fabric

Well I think a slight rename may be in order. I’ve bought the fabric for my Roses for Rosa quilt and there’s not a flower in sight, let alone a rose! This seems to happen whenever I go fabric shopping. I know what I want and then come out with something different. In this case, there wasn’t any nice flowery fabric and I spotted this FQ bundle and loved the colours and the fairy princess theme:

FQ bundle

These fabrics are for the coloured parts of the whirligig. In order to make them stand out, I decided to use a single plain fabric for the background part of all the whirligigs. I chose ivory because it’s a colour that works with all the colours in the FQ bundle and also because there was a piece about the right size on special offer! Here’s all the fabric together. The one at the back is for the backing.

Fabric for Roses for Rosa quilt

I didn’t pick any fabric for the panels. I was going to quilt some flowers on them but given that there are no flowers in the fabric, I think it might look a bit odd to do that. I could do a different motif, but I’m going to put the whirligigs together and then see what I think.

Now the difficult part. The quilt is made up of 20 whirligig blocks in a 4 by 5 layout (see here for the design). That means I need to pick 4 fabrics from the 6 in the FQ bundle, and I don’t know which ones. There are:

  • 2 spotty fabrics (1 bright pink, 1 mint green)
  • 2 fabrics with fairy princesses and castles (1 pale pink, 1 pale blue)
  • 2 fabrics with crowns and magic wands (1 pale pink, 1 pale yellow)

I also have (in my tiny stash) a pale yellow spotty fabric which would work with the other fabrics.

So here are the combos:

Roses for Rosa fabric combos

Now I like symmetry, so 2 spotty + 2 patterned seemed good (bottom middle). But the bright pink really sticks out against the pale tones of the other fabrics so I don’t think it’s an option. The next idea was 2 fairy princesses + 2 crowns (top left). But then 2 out of 4 fabrics would be pale pink so there would be lots of pink whirligigs next to each other which I’m not keen on. I could always do 2 patterned + 2 spotty, using my pale yellow fabric instead of the bright pink one?

I think my favourites are bottom left and bottom right. Although there are 2 lots of crown fabric in the bottom left, I think it’s ok because the pattern isn’t quite as bold as the fairy princesses pattern. I dunno – what to do…?!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kris
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 03:48:55

    I like the fabric you ended up with! Would you have to pick only 4 fabrics? What if you used all 6 but in different combinations for each block? If you do go with 4, I like the bottom middle the best since it’s a less baby like so she may be able to grow with it a little easier 🙂

    What about butterflies in the panels instead of roses?


  2. whatktmadenext
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 08:05:28

    That’s a good point about Rosa growing into the quilt. She’s so tiny right now that I hadn’t really thought about her getting bigger, but it would be nice if she could use the quilt as she gets a bit older.

    Good idea on the butterfly quilting. I like it 🙂

    On and thanks for the suggestion about using more than 4 fabrics. I was a bit hung up on the symmetry of having 5 rows of 4, with each row having one whirligig from each fabric. But your comment sparked a rethink and now I’m using 5 fabrics and I think it works much better!


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