Inspiration: Mini hexagons

I went to my first quilt show today. It had some incredibly inspirational quilts although I am not allowed to post pics, so they will stay inspirational to me only (and anyone else who was at the show). The one I liked the most was made up of mini hexagons, each 1cm wide. The colours moved from red in the centre, through all the colours of the rainbow, to black at the edges. I really wish I could post a picture because that quilt was amazing and my description just doesn’t convey how awesome it looks and the sheer talent and time involved in creating something like that.

I really loved that quilt, and it got me thinking. How hard would it be to create something like that? I know it would be time consuming. Incredibly time consuming. But is it something a beginner like me could do? So I had a read of some blogs and came across this FAQ from turning*turning. She’s in the process of making a mini-hexagon quilt and will be blogging about it further. I think I might keep an eye on her blog as it would be interesting to know a bit more about the process so I can decide if it would be something I could do. I also found this awesome pincushion by duniris which might be a more realistic starting point than jumping in at a quilt.

Of course, lots of mini hexagons would require lots of different fabrics, which I currently don’t have. I think that would mean more fabric shopping… šŸ˜‰


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