Thread colours

I’m busy quilting baby quilt 2 which has a beige and white patchwork top. I decided to outline quilt each square, although this means I keep having to change the thread to match the different colours of the squares. My threads are colour numbers 826, 828, 919 and 5709. Not particularly memorable, so I’ve had to write a list of the colour to use for each square.

Writing the list of colours got me thinking. What happened to descriptive thread colour names? I was looking through my Granny’s sewing box and all her old threads had wonderful names like mustard gold, geranium, light reseda and cool turquoise (I don’t have uncool turquoise; I’m not sure where it went…) I think I’d find it much easier to remember what colour goes where on my quilt if the threads had names. Instead of 919. Or was it meant to be 826? And who though white should be 5709?!


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