Baby quilt 3

Not content with just working on baby quilt 2, I have started to think about baby quilt 3. Again this is going to be a present, so again it has to be good!

I’m being a little more ambitious this time, and am working to a pattern in Quick and Easy Projects for the Weeekend Quilter by Rosemary Wilkinson. The pattern is called “Enough Blue in the Sky” and is made from 8″ and 6″ squares, all of which I will be rotary cutting. Assuming my double fold on baby quilt 2 works, I will be doing the same again for this one.

I’m trying to learn something new on each quilt I make, so for this quilt I am going to attempt a more ambitious pattern when I do the quilting. I have only done “stich-in-the-ditch” so far, so this will be an interesting exercise.

I have already chosen my fabric! My husband calls it “lurid” but I prefer “vivid”…! From left to right, fabric for 6″ squares, fabric for 12” squares, backing, binding.

Baby Quilt 3 Fabric

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