A slight flaw

So I have 2 pregnant friends. Well, I had 2 pregnant friends – baby 2 was born today, a week ahead of schedule and beating baby 1! Now I knew that baby 1 was a boy, but I didn’t know whether baby 2 would be a boy or a girl. I took a guess at a girl and worked on a pink and white quilt. Unfortunately, baby 2 is a boy and I don’t think a pink and white quilt would really go down too well!

So I’ve had to do a slight re-think! Baby quilt 1 (the pink and white one) is now going to be a practice quilt. Baby quilt 2 was planned for a boy, so that’s ok. I’d also already bought the fabric for baby quilt 3, and it’s green/purple/blue, so that will do for baby 2!

Two quilts to make in full and 1 baby already born. I’d best get quilting…


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