Getting started

Books. That’s the way to start anything. At least, that’s how I do it! There’s nothing better than having a wander round a bookshop or amazon and deciding which books to get. Or popping down to the library. I’ve just discovered I have a great local library and it has loads of quilting books!

So I’ve had a read of Quilting for Dummies, which was a good introduction. It explained lots of things clearly and by the end of it, I had a good idea of what to do to make a quilt. There were some projects at the back to make things like a mini quilt and placemats, but they were a little dated so I moved on to Quick and Easy Projects for the Weekend Quilter by Rosemary Wilkinson (ISBN 978-1581803624). This is a great book full of but lots of lovely (and supposedly quick and easy) quilts. I’ve eyed up 3 that I want to make!

Next I had a read through 201 Quilt Blocks, Motifs, Projects and Ideas by Louise Bell (ISBN 978-1906094881). I love this book. The ideas are more modern and there’s a range of projects from a pin cushion, to a quilt to a silk scarf. And here was me thinking quilting is all about quilts. It’s not – there’s loads of other things to make. So I’ve eyed up several projects in this book too. I’m beginning to build up quite a list!

Finally, the last 2 books I looked through were Creative Patchwork, A Practical Guide and The Quilting and Patchwork Project Book. Both are a bit dated, but there’s a pin cushion in one and a bag for quilting stuff (cutting board, cutter etc) in another that I fancy making.

So there’s not really much on my todo list, is there?!

  1. Finish baby quilt 1
  2. Make baby quilt 2
  3. Pin cushion made from 2 cathedral window squares
  4. Craft bag
  5. Make baby quilt 3 – I’ve just found out another set of friends are due, but not till next year so I’ve got a while

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