101 Things

So here’s my Day Zero Project list. 101 things in 1001 days. Started 08/01/2011, due to end 05/10/2013.

Key: Not started In progress Complete


  1. Go on a successful honeymoon – the last two attempts have been defeated by bureaucracy, snow and illness. Let’s hope no.3 works out better…
  2. Go camping
  3. Walk the West Highland Way
  4. Visit all the Scottish Island areas
    • Shetland
    • Orkney
    • Outer Hebrides
    • Inner Hebrides
  5. Ride the Harry Potter train
  6. See the Northern Lights
  7. Go snorkelling somewhere exotic
  8. Visit the Giant’s Causeway
  9. Visit the Enchanted Forest
  10. Visit the Scottish “Dark Skies” project and see the stars
  11. Sail on a Tall Ship

  12. Crafty

  13. Finish my Baby Jane quilt
  14. Make a jelly roll quilt
  15. Make a quilt for each of my nieces and nephew
  16. Crochet a blanket
  17. Finish the bedroom curtain
  18. Make a Christmas wreath
  19. Send homemade Christmas cards
  20. Make a Christmas tree skirt
  21. Make something from each craft book I own and any I buy over the 1001 days
  22. Properly frame my colour wheel and “Get Excited and Make Things” embroideries
  23. Make something for each room in the house
  24. Make a bed runner and cushions for the bedroom
  25. Use the sewing machine lessons I was given when I bought my machines
  26. Make a cover for my Kindle Completed 27/02/11
  27. Make a piece of jewellery Completed 10/03/12
  28. Make and send 3 homemade hobos

  29. Fun stuff

  30. Use Orange Wednesday 6 times 1 of 6
  31. Complete a 2000 piece jigsaw
  32. Read 10 books suggested by other people
  33. Read 1 non-fiction book a month
  34. Watch Firefly and Serenity
  35. Watch 10 films from the IMDB top 100
  36. Watch at least one film a month or cancel the LoveFilm subscription
  37. Take a photo of the same place once a month for a year
  38. Have a proper picnic using the picnic rucksack we’ve never used
  39. Use the cocktail glasses we were given as a wedding present

  40. Events

  41. Watch a jousting event
  42. Go on the Falkirk Wheel
  43. Go to a carol concert
  44. See the Cirque du Soleil
  45. Go once to each of the following: theatre, musical, opera, ballet, classical concert
  46. Get seats for the fireworks at the end of the Edinburgh Festival
  47. Go to an event in each of type of Edinburgh festival (excluding the Children’s one)
    • Science
    • Film
    • Jazz & Blues
    • Art
    • Military Tattoo
    • Fringe
    • International
    • Book
    • Mela
    • Storytelling
    • Hogmanay
  48. Go to the Stonehaven Fireball Festival
  49. See Bon Jovi live – ok the tickets are already booked so this is kinda cheating but I’ve wanted to see them for ages so it wouldn’t be right to have a list like this and not have them on it
  50. Watch an Olympics event – London 2012 here I come

  51. Games

  52. Play Torchlight 2 (was Diablo III)
  53. Play Skyrim
  54. Play a co-op RPG with hubby
  55. Finish Sam & Max Season 1 and Braid
  56. Build a new PC
  57. Take a day off work and play a game on the day it’s released

  58. Household

  59. Sort and store the wedding stuff
  60. Store CDs in the attic
  61. Make a Flylady control journal
  62. Finish the bathroom
  63. Find nice bathroom storage boxes
  64. Move somewhere with a garden…
  65. … and have a house-warming party
  66. Take meter readings each month
  67. Fully offset the mortgage

  68. Exercise

  69. Exercise once a week for 12 weeks in a row
  70. Go back to Ceroc (must do 4 sessions)
  71. Try climbing
  72. Go walking once every 2 months
  73. Bag a Munro
  74. Use the exercise bike for 20 mins a week or get rid of it (can skip max 3 weeks in any 8 week period if there’s a REALLY good reason like illness) Completed 20/02/11.

  75. Cooking

  76. Try 2 new recipes every month
  77. Make something with each unused piece of kitchen equipment
  78. Host a 3 course dinner party
  79. Make jam
  80. Eat fresh pineapple
  81. Find a great smoothie recipe
  82. Gets the recipes for Mum’s flapjack and Granny’s chocolatey off Mum and make them
  83. Grow food to eat
  84. Cook a proper Christmas dinner with all the trimmings on Christmas day

  85. Friends and Family

  86. Do something special each wedding anniversary
  87. Have date night once a week for 12 weeks in a row
  88. Make breakfast in bed for hubby 3 times
  89. Make a note of my friends and family’s birthdays and send cards to all for at least 1 year
  90. Start a family tree
  91. Have a 10 year graduation reunion with my uni mates

  92. A better me

  93. Give blood 6 times
  94. Sponsor a child
  95. Register as a Kiva lender
  96. Read Agile Estimating and Planning
  97. Read A History of Britain Vols I-III
  98. Learn to identify 10 constellations and learn the story behind them
  99. Be able to name and locate all countries in Europe…
  100. … and Africa
  101. Weigh less on day 1001 than I did on day 1
  102. Stop biting my nails
  103. Have a manicure to celebrate #93
  104. Stop eating chocolate for 3 months
  105. Cut out all unnecessary purchases for a month

  106. Finishing up

  107. Watch sunrise and sunset in the same day
  108. Write a letter to myself to read in 10 years time
  109. List 101 things that make me happy
  110. Inspire someone else to start a list
  111. Record each attempt of something on this list, whether it ends in success or failure

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah Curry
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 20:11:31

    Yay!! Glad you’re doing the ‘101 things…’ as well. Grats on getting the list up so quickly, it’s a brill list. I reckon you could cross one off by the weekend ends!!!


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